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Coronado Training offers consulting and training to law enforcement agencies and academies around the world.  Here are some of the services I provide to supplement your training resources:

§         Curriculum Design

With over twenty-five years experience designing curricula for adult learners, I can help you develop a comprehensive training plan for your agency or academy.  Emphasis is on hands-on, practical, learner-centered strategies that will keep your officers interested and engaged whether they are brand-new academy cadets or twenty-year veterans. 

§         Scenario-Based Training and Testing - Train the Trainer

Scenario training is rapidly becoming the standard for use-of-force training—but it is good for so much more.   All areas of law enforcement training can benefit from progressive scenario-based training and testing.  I can help you incorporate realistic scenario training in all areas of your curriculum and develop valid, reliable scenario-based capstone testing to ensure that those you train are ready to apply their learning on the street.   

§         In-Service and Recruit Training

Whether you are looking for a two-hour block of training or one or more full-day sessions, I offer custom training in several areas, including these:


v  Use of Force Reports

Most of the time in excessive-force litigation, it turns out that the officer did the right thing—but failed to articulate it properly in his or her report.  With training, officers can write reports that will stand up in court—and help keep the officer out of court in the first place.

v  Focus on the Female Officer

Women can be exceptional police officers—if they are properly trained and equipped.  Rather than singling out the female officer as needing “remedial” work, this training enables instructors to adapt training to different learning styles and strengths, to create a positive learning environment for every officer.

v  Report Writing

Developed from more than twenty-five years of experience in teaching report writing, these courses focus on straightforward techniques for effective articulation of police action.  I can help your officers write reports that avoid the common pitfalls like omitted information, poor organization, and confusing sentences.


What people have said about Dr. Robinson’s trainings:

“Excellent speaker”

“I loved Pat Robinson—she was great—gave a lot of insights…”

“…not only an excellent instructor but very creative about the curriculum and lesson plans she developed.

“She has an extensive teaching background and knowledge of the adult learner.”


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